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I started this blog so that all of us would appreciate good food, feel better, look good and live longer and most importantly appreciate the benefits of spices!!

I do not use any copyeditor to “clean” my work as currently I cannot afford to hire help. Hence, I am sure there will be sporadic grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors in this write-up. I assure you that it is good enough for you to read and understand the content and salivate when looking at the photographs. The idea is for me to “talk to you” through this blog and not make it very formal. As I am `talking’ to you through this blog, I do hope that you will be interactive too by pointing out my mistakes, if there are any. Any feedback will be much appreciated.

In order to have a successful blog, I need to provide content for the subscribers. In this regard, I am pleased to offer the following services for our mutual benefit.


Over the years, I have dined at hundreds of cafes, hawker stalls, homes and restaurants all over the world from low to high end. The fact that I am an experienced chef has given me an edge over many restaurant reviewers as I have the experience and knowledge of food production in the kitchen, plating and serving. If you want your restaurant to be reviewed in my blog, do submit the Contact Form, after which I shall go for the review accompanied by a foodie or an intern. Though I usually take photographs of the dishes myself, I shall be pleased to publish your restaurant’s professionally taken photographs as well. Every review will have a mention of the chef and the restaurant. If your restaurant’s chef wants to share a recipe with the readers of my blog, I will be happy to interview the chef and publish his recipe which I will link it to your restaurant.


I have created and am still creating hundreds of recipes for companies, magazines and restaurants over the years. About 90% of the recipes in this blog are either mine or adapted in one way or another. When I say “adapted” it means I get the gist of the recipe, but vary the amount of ingredients or the cooking method. I have never uploaded or shared recipes that have not been kitchen tested.


As an experienced writer of twenty two cookbooks and a contributor of recipes to many magazines, I shall be happy to discuss and accept proposals to develop recipes to fit your company and brand’s identity using your products. These recipes can be uploaded on my blog or any other blogs. If they are uploaded onto my blogs, I shall be pleased to create a link to more information about your range of products and your company’s profile for a small fee.


This is my strength. For years I have been conducting cookery lessons in local schools and tertiary institutions and at public events both in Singapore as well as overseas. Not only I specialize in Asian cooking, I bake as well. I can customize recipes to match your theme or event. Besides cooking demonstrations, I will also be able to highlight the use of your products in many different ways.


As I have experienced running two restaurants and providing consultancy services to several restaurants, I will be happy to provide such services to “pop-up restaurants” and “supper clubs”. In addition, I can cook for private parties as well.


Currently, I am working with a few brands as “Brand Ambassador” and will be very happy to represent your brand/s by posting recipes, publishing advertorials about your product/s on my blog, attending press events and launches and appearing on videos. I accept ambassadorships from only reliable brands and those I feel comfortable with to relate my name or if they are related to my blog’s overall content.


Please feel free to send me details about your products and services if you want them to be reviewed. My reviews shall be honest and unbiased. The reviews shall be done only if the products or services are of interest to the readers of my blog. The integrity of my site is important to me. For example, I shall not put up anything on children’s wear and toys. I will only allow advertisements on my site for products that I personally trust and like. If your product is an ingredient in a recipe, I would have to test the recipe before I blog about it.


I would write for free about trips where flight, accommodation and food are paid for. Many of my trips and accommodations have been sponsored and you can read more about it in this blog.  My travel posts are photo-heavy.


I have been a public speaker for many years and my forte is food, travel and stories. I would love to speak or introduce your products at press events and seminars and conferences. I have judged many cooking competitions at national as well as community level. I will be happy to judge your cooking competition and also cover the news on my blog.


If I am paid to publish a post, I shall ensure that that post is labelled “commissioned post”, “in association with….”, “partnered post” or “sponsored post”.


I take every care to ensure the accuracy of the information on this blog. All information and data are provided “as-is” and are for information purpose only. I am not making any representations to accuracy, completeness, correctness, suitability, or validity of any information on this blog and will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its use. This blog will collect information of your name and email address when you subscribe. You can trust me to keep this information only for the purpose of updating you on new activities in the blog site or to send you promotional emails only. I will not share this information with any third party without your consent unless I am required to do so by law.


All text and photographs (except where I have specified otherwise) on this site are my own.   You need my permission to use or reproduce my words or pictures in any form, whatsoever. You can use any of my material for non-commercial purpose for example on your blog on condition that you clearly attribute the text and picture to Spice queen and create a link to it. I reserve the right to charge a small fee if the material is being used in a magazine or newspaper or for any advertisement.

Email me of how we can work together for mutual benefit or if you have any other enquiries: