Epicurean Services

My company was once called Epicurean World.  I have closed the company and have decided to run my epicurean services under my name as it looks like more people know my name then my company’s name!!

I offer innovative culinary services to help companies maximize their potential and capitalize on their opportunities. Boasting a full range of individually tailored services together with my passion and commitment to my clients,  I bring gourmet to new heights for a healthier lifestyle.

With more than 32 years of experience contributing to my in-depth knowledge of the culinary industry, I have uniquely positioned myself as a strong partner for any food and wellness related business.

With a team of like-minded people I provide consultancy services that combine my expert knowledge of healthier gourmet cuisine with cooking classes, culinary team building events, restaurant consultancy, menu and recipe development services, training programs for chefs, cookbooks and recipe booklet content development services and many other culinary services.

Check out my services!  Email:  devagi@epicureanworld.com.sg