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    Fijian Longan

    The fruit or the pulp inside looks like lychee, but not as juicy or sweet. The flesh is thick like rambutan and is pale yellow in colour, translucent and chewy. The seed is almost double in size of longan’s. The seeds can be baked, roasted or boiled and eaten and taste like sour cream or sour cheese.

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    Green Peppercorns

    Green peppercorns are the same berries as black peppercorns except that they have not gone through the drying process. Green peppercorns are widely used in Indian and Thai cuisine as a “vegetable”. It lends a unique fresh peppery taste to dishes. It is quite common for the green peppercorns to be pickled in India. Green peppercorns soaked in salt and…

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    Coconut in Asian Cuisine

    Coconuts are very important to Thai, Indonesian, Sri Lankan, Malaysian and South Indian cuisine. At all auspicious events, day or night, a coconut is broken on the ground. This is akin to cutting a ribbon at an event in the Western context. Yet, there is a superstition amongst traditional many Asians, that a coconut should not be broken after sundown.

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    Belimbing for Cooking

    Bright green to yellowish green, the belimbing is quite crunchy when unripe and can go very mushy if ripe. It is extremely sour and has very tiny flat seeds. Since belimbing has a high concentration of oxalic acid, it can be used for cleaning brass and copper items and also bleach.

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    Grapefruits also have potassium and folate which lowers blood pressure. People who are on a low calorie diet can benefit from eating grapefruits. It is a good source of fibre which helps keep us full longer by taking time to digest. Because of the high water content, grapefruit also keeps you hydrated. The bitter taste of grapefruit, Naringenin, helps to…

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    Dou Miao

    Dou miao (pronounced “dough-meow) is also known as pea vines, pea tips, pea stems and most often as pea shoots. They are crunchy, sweet, and delicious and tastes like a cross between a very sweet freshly picked pea and spinach, but with the texture of a firm sprout. The stems are tender and can be eaten.