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    Fijian Longan

    The fruit or the pulp inside looks like lychee, but not as juicy or sweet. The flesh is thick like rambutan and is pale yellow in colour, translucent and chewy. The seed is almost double in size of longan’s. The seeds can be baked, roasted or boiled and eaten and taste like sour cream or sour cheese.

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    Caraway Seeds

    Caraway seeds have multiple health benefits, one being their quality of being very rich in dietary fibre. Just 100 g of caraway seeds can provide up to 38 g of fibre which is the daily recommended intake of fibre and thus caraway seeds can help to prevent constipation. Through binding together toxins in food, caraway seeds help to protect the…

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    Aroma of Pandan Leaves

    I love the smell of pandan leaves and any dishes that are flavoured with pandan leaves. Pandan leaves not only make your dishes fragrant but also the whole house when you cook with it. My mother would pick some pandan leaves from our backyard, just before she starts cooking. She would clean the leaves thoroughly and then bruise it lightly;…

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    Nutmeg and Mace

      Nutmeg is a spice that is obtained from the fruit of the nutmeg tree that is found on many Indonesian islands. The same fruit that is the source of nutmeg is also the source of the spice mace. Nutmeg is obtained from the seed of the fruit while the mace is the red aril of the fruit that surrounds…

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    The ginger root has knotty finger-like projections with a rough silverfish-brown outer surface. Ginger is firm in texture and its flesh can be yellow, white or red in colour. The older the ginger is, the thicker its skin. Ginger has always been known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-flatulent properties. Zingerone, a chemical compound present in ginger, is effective in keeping…

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    White Fungus

    White fungus is a type of fungi composed of many tightly clustered florets that are, as its name suggests, white in colour tinged with a pale shade of yellow. The florets of the fungus have a firm jelly-like texture and branch out from the hard yellow center at the core of the fungus. The health benefits of white fungus are…

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    Available in most Asian stores, galangal is also sold dried and powdered and sometimes labelled as Laos Galangal powder. You can substitute about 2 cm of fresh galangal with 1 1/2 teaspoon of galangal powder. If using the dried galangal, soak it in hot water for about half hour before slicing or cooking it. Wrap galangal in kitchen towel and…

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    Coriander Leaves

    These leaves are usually used to garnish food in most cuisines. In many of the Asian dishes, the leaves are either blended into a paste with other ingredients or used chopped and stir fried with rest of ingredients. The leaves have a lime-lemony flavor and adds a subtle fragrance to food.

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    Torch Ginger

    The torch ginger is also known as bunga kantan; some call it bunga siantan. Before the torch ginger blossoms it will look like a spear. When open the flower has waxy pink aromatic petals. These petals release a floral aroma with a citrus and peppery note when cut.

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    Green Peppercorns

    Green peppercorns are the same berries as black peppercorns except that they have not gone through the drying process. Green peppercorns are widely used in Indian and Thai cuisine as a “vegetable”. It lends a unique fresh peppery taste to dishes. It is quite common for the green peppercorns to be pickled in India. Green peppercorns soaked in salt and…

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    Chinese Honey Dates

    Golden-Thread Amber Honey Dates also known as Chinese honey dates (in traditional Chinese medicine shops) are light brown in colour and have striated skin. Hence it is called “golden thread”. They are larger and sweeter (as sweet as honey) than dried red dates. These dates are used as sweetener in traditional Chinese healing soups and drinks. The dates are also…

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    Buah Langkau

    Buah Langkau, used widely by the Malays and Indonesians is a great and potent herb for menstrual cramps, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and gout. It is recommended that you take five of these dried seeds, rinse it and then soak it in 300 ml of hot water for about 15 minutes or until the water turns to the colour…