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    People Watching

    Balinese people including the expats who are staying there are warm and friendly and most of them go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. The Balinese love children…it is rare to hear a Balinese adult shout or scream at the kids. I realize the Balinese don’t focus on negativities and so very positive.

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    A Villa at Seminyak

    We had a comfortable and enjoyable stay in a villa in Seminyak. The villa was extremely well taken care of, and was perfect for my holiday. There are plenty of small restaurants within walking distance from the villa, as well as shops for shopping and window shopping. The staff are very friendly efficient and unobtrusive. The swimming pool is very…

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    Temples and Shrines Everywhere

    Bali is also known as the Island of Thousand temples! You get to see a temple or a small shrine everywhere you turn with regular prayers and rituals spanning life from birth to death. The temples are unique in architecture and design. The temples are clean and well maintained and very popular with tourists from all over the world. Do…

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    Sambals and Chillies

    Bali’s staple food is rice and it is served with mild to spicy dishes. Though Balinese are mostly Hindus, they do eat beef and some of the Muslim Balinese eat pork too. Spicy condiments like sambal are always served as accompaniment to the dishes. If you are not cooking at home, there are the street food stalls called “warungs” and…