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Street Foods of Amritsar

Besides, the Golden Temple, one other aspect that attracts people to Amritsar is food! I found many interesting street food stalls around the Golden Temple and near the main market area. I tried delicious kulchas dripping with butter, the famous deep fried Amritsari fish, puri with chickpeas, cardamom masala tea, kachoris, jalebis, phirni and lassi served in clay cups, fruit and nut ice cream, fruit leathers, grilled chicken, tikkas, pani puris, chaats, laddos, gulab jamuns and many more delights. Each one was prepared and sold by the artisan himself! At one look, you would think some of these stalls are unhygienic but stand there and look at how they prepare the food with love and devotion and you would change your mind. Many of these food artisans have been making the same kind of food since they were kids – many of these recipes have been passed down the generations. I must say that a trip to Amritsar is a sublime experience at many levels!

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