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Foh San Dim Sum Restaurant

Established in 1971, Foh San Dim Sum is in its own majestic building. I was there for lunch one afternoon and was amazed at the sea of people getting down from tour buses to enter the restaurant. I was able to get a seat and an elderly waitress came and gave me the order chit which had all the dim sum items listed. She also gave me a run down of the types of Chinese tea they had, and I settled for Oolong tea.

Soon a dim sum cart was wheeled to my table and the waitress described the items and what the fillings are. I ordered a total of seven different dim sum items and received only five items within the one and half hours I was there!! I reminded the waitress that I have not received two more items and that I have been waiting very long. She just looked at me blankly and said, “Wait. Coming soon” and walked away. After another twenty minutes wait, I asked her when my dim sum is coming, and she said, “wait so many people”. I decided to cancel the items; paid for what I ate and left the place. I guess they could not manage the crowd with only a few waitresses.

I quite liked their fish balls – they were very bouncy, tasty and had a wee bit of seasoned, preserved orange peel in the centre. I least expected it there and it was indeed a pleasant surprise. I loved the braised fish head noodles at this restaurant. It did not have that “fishy” smell and they used good stock and seasoning to braised the noodles. What I liked was the fact that there had also added lots of vegetables including mushrooms.

The Kau Choy Teoh Chew Dumpling, filled with chives, chopped prawns and seasoning looked exquisite and taste wonderful. I could see the filling through the thin wrapper of wheat starch flour and tapioca flour. I don’t have much to comment about the har gow (supreme prawn dumpling). They tasted very ordinary; in fact, a bit bland too. Though the fried prawn rolls were greasy, the sauce that accompanied it made me forget the grease – I enjoyed it very much!

Foh San Dim Sum Restaurant

51, Jalan Leong Sin Nam,

30300 Ipoh, Perak

Telephone: 05-254 0308


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