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The Lassiwala of Jaipur

I love lassi and know how to make one too. But the lassi I drank in Jaipur particularly from Kishan Lal Govind Naraian Agarwal Lassiwala, established in 1944 made me hang my head in shame!! The name of the shop is a mouthful but a few mouthfuls of this lassi is not enough. YOU GOT TO TASTE THIS! I heard that many Bollywood celebrities are diehard fans of lassi from this shop.  There are several lassi shops in Jaipur but this one beat them all.

 Hundreds of people visit this small shop daily. There are no chairs or tables. You will have to stand in the scorching heat to drink this famous lassi. Do take note that lassi cools the body and therefore it is ideal drink for a hot day.

You can see one or two of the staff churning fresh lassi right in front of the shop.   They serve lassi in “kulhad” or clay cups and that comes in two sizes. Do not look for fanciful mango lassi here. You get the sweet or salted. Our driver who showed us around Jaipur, told us that this shop closes at 4 pm. It seems the lassi will be sold out by that time and the owner feels the yoghurt will go sour by evening.  They use only the highest grade of milk. On the surface of the lassi you will see malai or cream – this is one of the secrets of a tasty lassi. The lassi is thick and the perfect sweetness. I think the fact that it is served in a clay cup adds that plus point to the lassi.

Not far from the shop is a little cart where you throw the disposable clay cups!

My trip to Jaipur was sponsored by Scoot.

Kishan Lal Govind Naraian Agarwal Lassiwala

Shop 312, MI Road, Jaipur

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