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Dinner at TEN

ten frontTEN in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is certainly an excellent and elegant fine dining Japanese restaurant. TEN means Heaven in Japanese. The restaurant, located about 3 minutes’ walk from KLCC and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, is modern and very sleek.It serves only quality ingredients cooked by passionate Japanese chefs. The owners of this restaurant also own several other food outlets like Hanaya Japanese Fine Dining restaurant, 45 Sushi Train outlets in Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand and many more!!

The restaurant has high ceiling and interesting partitions to create different dining experience like the Sushi counter and the Teppanyaki tables. There is even an exquisite Zen garden under the glass floor!!


I was cordially invited and hosted to dine at TEN by the Hall Manager, Hiromi Kitsutaka. She said TEN presents great Japanese recipes with an innovative twist for a multi-sensory dining experience. The restaurant does not sell any pork dishes. Only the best and fresh ingredients are used, be they local or flown in from other countries.

A special Omakase dinner was arranged for me. While Head Chef, Yasunori Nakano cooked and presented all the innovative Japanese dishes, Sushi Chef Tsunetoshi Tabata presented his specialty – the Sushi.

Ten Menu

The entrée had 5 items built into a plate very artistically. The Tiger Prawn with Broad Bean Sauce was an interesting combination. The broad bean sauce was like hummus and it complemented the prawn very well. The Grilled Snapper Soft Roe wrapped with “Takana” Leaf was palate teasing. I wished they had served more than one piece of the slightly chewy pickled Takana (pickled mustard greens) leaves in soft snapper roe. The aroma of the Smoked “Sakura” Salmon, Char Sushi was heavenly. The delicately perfumed Salmon just melted in the mouth.



I was served an interesting thick soup -simmered Greenling covered with Arrowroot Starch and Green Pea Sauce. The Greenling is a Japanese seasonal fish and I was lucky to have a taste of it. The gently simmered delicate fish fillet with the skin was placed on a thick soup of green peas. A light drizzle of Umeboshi (Japanese plum) sauce added a dramatic character to the soup!


The main course of grilled duck took me by surprise. A boiled hot egg was placed on a bed of lotus crisps. I was wondering whether it was a hard-boiled egg or a soft boiled egg. I was in for a surprise! The chef had used egg shell to make his Chawan Mushi (savoury egg custard)!


Next, the chef made me Sushi after Sushi , each one with different toppings as part of the Shokuji course. Shokuji is basically a staple course and I tasted 5 remarkable Edomae Sushi. My favourites were the ones made of ocean trout, sea urchin, tuna belly and horse Mackerel. The seafood was the freshest tasting!


Dessert was spectacular with a Wagashi, a Japanese sweet filled with Matcha sponge cake and Japanese strawberry mousse. All these were encased in glutinous rice flour dough. The sweetness of the dessert matched the salt hit and perfumed fragrance of the salted Sakura leaf.


At TEN you get to enjoy impeccable service, traditional and modern Japanese flavours, and fresh seasonal ingredients. I promise that you can leave the restaurant with an unforgettable gastronomic experience. It is best to make a reservation before you go there. I know for a fact that guests from most of the surrounding five and six star hotels make it a point to dine there.

Ten was featured in “Malaysia’s Best Restaurants 2012” by Tatler in association with American Express, and had earned a food review of 9 out of 10 – the highest ranking amongst every other Japanese restaurants in the country.



A-G-1, The Marc Residence – Ground Floor

3 Jalan Pinang

Kuala Lumpur 50450


Phone:+60 3-2161 5999



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