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Polo Buns and Egg Tarts – a way of life in Hong Kong

A friend said “when in Hong Kong, you must go to Kam Wah Cafe”. So there I was one morning at 8 a.m. to find a queue outside the cafe!! This old fashioned café operates from morning to midnight and is always full and with long queue of people outside waiting and yearning to go inside or to buy the food home.


Service is good and so you will get a seat fast – however, this is not the type of café where you can sit and have a leisurely meal. You should just eat and leave as otherwise, the waitress will clear your table as soon as she sees your plate empty! Besides other food items in the menu, Kam Wah Café is known for two kinds of pastries – the freshly baked Polo Buns and the traditional Egg Tarts.


Polo Bun means pineapple bun and it is only named so because of the crust of the bun that is crunchy, buttery and sugary and looks almost like pineapple. Don’t expect to find any pineapple in it though. At Kam Wah, the Polo Buns are taken out of the oven once every 10 minutes and served piping hot. A slit is made on the bun and a thick piece of chilled butter is put it. When it reaches your table, the butter is half melting in the warm fluffy center of the bun!


I am not a big fan of egg tarts – mainly because I don’t like anything that smells eggy after it is baked or cooked. But I actually finished an egg tart from Kam Wah Café. Even though the custard was not lacking in eggs, very smooth and wobblish with the right amount of sweetness it had a kind of appealing aroma.


Perhaps it was the crust that literally melts in the mouth and mixes with the custard in the mouth! Kam Wah’s egg tart’s crust is not sweet and that is the plus point. I have tasted better Egg Tarts in Singapore and Macau though. But eating at Kam Wah Café and feeling like a tourist is an experience not to be missed.

Kam Wah Cafe

47 Bute Street

Prince Edward


Hong Kong

Operating Hours: Mondays to Sundays, 6.30am till 11.30pm

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