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Coriander Leaves


Coriander leaves also known as cilantro and Chinese parsley.

These leaves are usually used to garnish food in most cuisines. In many of the Asian dishes, the leaves are either blended into a paste with other ingredients or used chopped and stir fried with rest of ingredients. The leaves have a lime-lemony flavor and adds a subtle fragrance to food.

You can buy coriander leaves from all markets in Asian and supermarkets that sell Asian cuisine products. The roots of the coriander leaves are used widely in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. When using the roots, remove as much of the fine roots as possible and wash the root thoroughly to remove any soil that is adhering to it.

Before using the leaves, take time to remove any decaying or damaged leaves and discard them. Wash thoroughly in running water. Alternatively, you can also soak the coriander leaves for ten minutes before use. Soaking will remove the dirt from the leaves and also “freshen” up the leaves so that it looks attractive when used to garnish.

Coriander leaves are also used to treat skin inflammation, high cholesterol levels, and diarrhea in Ayurveda. Coriander are believed to be a natural aphrodisiac by the Indians and widely used in certain combinations with other herbs to enhance a person’s libido.

Coriander leaves should be wrapped in kitchen paper towels and then stored in Ziploc bags in the refrigerator. They can stay fresh for up to one week. You can also chop up coriander leaves and place them in ice cube trays – fill up with water and freeze it. It is certainly handy when you are making a soup or a curry – just throw in a few coriander leaves ice cubes to bring out the flavor!



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