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Realistic Look at Clean Eating

brown rice

by Chef Sujatha Kesavan

There is one term that has taken over social media globally in the last few years – “clean eating” or “eat clean”.

What is to “eat clean”? Clean eating refers to consuming food products that have not been processed or minimally processed and as far as possible in their natural form. Our ancestors were practicing clean eating those days. By eliminating chemically processed food from your diet, you can reduce health-related problems and in the long run bring radiance to the skin. Many think that when you practice ‘clean eating’ you can lose weight. There was a time when I thought ‘clean eating’ meant consuming small portions of food and so I ate reduced portions and fewer meals a day – all in the hope of losing weight. However, I ended up with severe gastric pains. Weight loss may not be there immediately, but your appetite for junk food will go down surely if you continue clean eating faithfully. That is half the battle won if you want to lose weight.

The benefits of “clean eating” are numerous, but then it is expensive to ‘eat clean’. This is a fact. In the last two years, I have had an on and off relationship with ‘eating clean’. I went through the nut milk stage; the smoothie phase and then the green juice days. All these burnt a hole in my pocket.

In Asia, unmarried adults rarely move out of their parents’ abode before they are married. The older generation hardly makes an effort to change their eating habits for the better, even if it just means changing from white rice to brown rice. After several attempts at cooking clean meals for myself and eating alone , I just had to give up and join the rest of the family members to eat what they eat!! Family support and unity is essential if one wants to switch to cleaner eating. Simple things like changing their staple to a healthier grain or stocking up the fridge with healthier ingredients will be helpful to the lone clean eater.

I have learnt by mistakes and I am still learning to live a balanced and wholesome life. Good, wholesome food should be savored and enjoyed and not to be taken as if it is “hospital food”. Through this platform I will discuss various food and health related topics and use my culinary knowledge to turn food into something wholesome and enjoyable. I know for a fact that I am going to have so much fun experimenting with whole ingredients to create meals that are inexpensive and nutritious.


Stay Wholesome!

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