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Ginger and Green Chilli Pickle

Young Ginger & Green Chillies Achar

A very common condiment, the Ginger and Green Chilli Pickle is usually served as accompaniment to bland food such as Chinese style stir fried noodles or stir-fried rice. I found the Ginger and Green Chilli Pickle a great condiment for sandwiches with meat too. I usually chop up the ginger and green chilli into smaller pieces before using it as a sandwich filling. If I run out of chillies or ginger, I would take this pickled ones and use it in my cooking…… actually adds an oomph because of the tangy and spicy taste. Though you can keep it for up to about three months in the refrigerator, I prefer to keep it for about two weeks because the longer you keep it, the chilli loses its crunchy texture and becomes mushy.  By the way, you can do the same recipe with only green chillies or young ginger.

300 g young ginger, scraped and sliced thinly

120 g green chillies, sliced

400 ml white vinegar or rice vinegar

60 g sugar

1 1/2 teaspoon salt


  1. Place the sliced ginger in a bowl of water for about half hour, to remove the excess starch. If you omit this step, the jar of pickle will have a cloudy sediment at the bottom.
  2. Rinse the soaked chilled and squeeze out excess water.
  3. Put the all the above ingredients into a glass jar. Stir to ensure the sugar and salt has dissolved.
  4. Cover and leave aside for 3 days before using.      


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