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Dou Miao

pea sprouts

Dou miao (pronounced “dough-meow) is also known as pea vines, pea tips, pea stems and most often as pea shoots. They are crunchy, sweet, and delicious and tastes like a cross between a very sweet freshly picked pea and spinach, but with the texture of a firm sprout. The stems are tender and can be eaten.

In Chinese restaurants, dou miao are usually stir fried quickly with garlic; sometimes they appear in soup. Raw sprouts make good salads. Their daintiness make them pretty, as well as tasty.  I find these leaves so versatile and usually incorporate it in any kind of cuisine.

When buying dou miao, do remember that just as with any green vegetable, the leaves should be green and not wilted. Dou miao are usually very clean, since they come from the top of the plant, and away from dirt.

Dou miao keep well in the refrigerator if packed closely, but not crushingly tight, in a plastic bag and they are best used within a few days. I noticed that if packed well it can keep for two weeks.

Dou miao contain vitamin A, B1, C, E and all the essential amino acids, the minerals calcium, iron and phosphorus. They also contain 26% protein. Eating dou miao regularly prevent cardiovascular diseases and promote skin beauty.


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