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Little Kitchen @ Nonya

Almost all the tourist brochures and flyers in Penang recommend Little Kitchen@Nonya for good Pernanakan food. This restaurant at Lebuh Noordin looks more like a Peranakan house than a restaurant! When I got down from the taxi, the first thing I noticed was an advertisement billboard for bird’s nest. The owners of the restaurant used to be in the birds’ nest business. After lunch, the owner, Mr. Loh, showed me round the house and his kitchen and told me many interesting things about the Peranakans in Penang. He also shared stories on the origin of the Malacca Peranakans and the Penang Peranakans. According to him, the Chinese immigrants who married the local Malays led a unique lifestyle and left a rich legacy of antiques, architecture and cuisine. He added that Penang Peranakan food is less spicy as it incorporates Thai and Arab flavours. Most Penang Peranakans speak Hokkien compared with the Malacca Peranakans who speak mostly a mixture of Malay and Hokkien.

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