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Fruits and Food Galore


The open air markets in Tashkent are a great place to stock up on dried fruits, fresh fruits and fresh breads. Bread is respected and relished like if it is holy. My guide and interpreter told me that in traditional homes, a piece of the Uzbek non is placed under the head of a newborn baby. This is to wish him or her a healthy long life. The most popular bread is non, a round bread, and it is available everywhere. In the market, I saw the bread sellers selling the breads on old fashioned baby prams! The breads are baked in clay ovens called tandir (it is like the Indian clay oven tandoor). The non is soft, light and and addictive. It’s got a shiny crust and an open, airy crumb, and when it’s piping hot, and you don’t need butter or anything to eat it. See photos of bread in the next article!

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