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Horse Meat Plovs and Hast Imam Mosque

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Tashkent is also known as the ancient city on the great Silk road from China to Europe. The Telyashayakh Mosque (Hast Imam Mosque) is one of the most beautiful mosques I have been till now. It is the religious center of Tashkent and located in the old town.

The national dish of Uzbekistan is Plov and it is served at weddings and any other celebrations. Each family and province has their own way. Every one of them proudly claim that he’s is the best! People still make it with mutton fat! The rice is cooked with yellow and orange carrot, pea, quince, mutton, beef, horse meat, dried apricots, spices, raisins, pumpkin and many other vegetables. It is a tradition for men to make the plov, and it is usually cooked in a deep cast-iron pot (kazan). There will be at least one litre of animal fat at the bottom of the pot and it is believed that drinking that oil can stimulate a man’s libido!

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