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Fishery at Wadduwa


I visited the fish wholesale market when I was at Wadduwa. I had to leave the hotel at about 5 am to see the fishermen bringing in the catch. The fish market is a vivid and sensuous experience, full of warmth and colour and is a glimpse into the authentic everyday life of Sri Lankan fishermen! At the market, you can watch the fish being brought into the market from the brightly coloured fishing boats, to the auctioning as well as sales of some dried fish and knives used for chopping fish.
The dried gills of the sting ray which fetches lots of money if exported to other demanding countries are also dried and sold here! The gill rakers are actually thin cartilage filaments that enable the sting ray to filter the plankton out of the water column, and every sting ray has five pairs of such gills and each is protected inside a gill slit.

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