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Asian Bakes – Baking Class

have picked the favourites of many for this baking class. Most Singaporeans would have grown up eating the "Bengali" or "Sarabat stall" type of large triangular yellow curry puffs. The Sugee cake is a perennial favourite for many, especially during the festive seasons. The Pandan cupcake with the gula Melaka icing.........hmmmm come and attend the class!

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Hyderabad Favourites – Cooking Demo

One of the world's most renowned briyani is the Hyderabad Chicken Dum Briyani!! Chef Devagi teaches you the finer points of making a "dum" briyani at home.

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Asian Leaves and Roots

Asian Leaves and Roots


Walking around an Asian wet market can be a fascinating

experience, full of tantalising sights, sounds, smells and

new tastes to discover. However, it can also be daunting

to those who aren’t familiar with the heaps of produce on

display. This book, featuring some 40 Asian ingredients,

will shed light on those attractive bunches of leaves and

soil-dusted root vegetables, and act as a practical guide to

how they can be used to whip up scrumptious dishes.

Price : SGD $ 12.84
Available at all major bookshops in Singapore


Asian Herbs, Spices and More

Asian Herbs, Spices and More


This practical guide features 40 ingredients found in

the markets of South East Asia, each illustrated for easy

reference and identification. Discover the amazing benefits

of these herbs, spices and other ingredients, and learn

how they can be used in the home kitchen or prepared

as a natural remedy. Also included is a small collection of

recipes for scrumptious snacks, drinks and main dishes.


Price : SGD $ 12.84
Available at all major bookshops in Singapore



Patatas Bravas

If you like potatoes or tomatoes, you will enjoy this simple dish. One of my personal favourite ways of eating this is by sprinkling some grated cheddar cheese over the roasted potatoes and then dipping the potatoes in the sauce. The cheddar cheese would have melted due to the heat and the potatoes will be simply yummy! You can serve the sauce separately as a dip too.

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Fried Cheese with Tomato Jam

This is a perfect party food, and you can crumb the cheese well in advance and fry it just before the guests arrive. The tomato jam too can be done at least one week in advance. I am sure you will enjoy every bite and leave nothing on the plate. The fritters will be crispy on the outside with melting soft goat’s cheese inside.

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Motivation Talk for Hospitality and Tourism Students

On 6th June 2014, a group of about 18 students from the Coleman College attended a 2-hour motivation talk by me. The students are pursuing their Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism and were very interested to learn about how I became a chef and all the things I am doing currently as part of my career.

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I Have Got My Mother’s DNA!

Though she had never stood next to me and taught me how to cook, I have learnt from her –“if a meal taste right then the recipe should be right”; “cook with fondness for the person whom you are cooking for and if you don’t want to cook, don’t cook!” My mother spoke with her fingers and cooked with her knowing fingertips. She never used recipes and so cooking is probably in her DNA, as it is in mine and all my siblings too.

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Clean City with Wonderful people

I found Tokyo almost brand new – you know what I mean? It is so clean! And I did not come across signboards that show “no littering”! I hardly found any graffiti; no rubbish on the pathways and did not see any dustbins overflowing with garbage. Though I saw a number of people walking their dogs, there was no dog poop anywhere.

People clear their table after a meal at most eating outlets. I barely saw anyone eating on the go. I saw some well-dressed staff, probably in management levels, cleaning the signboards or glass doors in or outside their offices. I saw shop owners sweeping the sidewalks and streets outside their shop.

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Buddha Bellies Cooking School

She welcomed me with a warm friendly smile and spoke exceptionally excellent English. I say “English” because she was the only person who spoke perfect English during my trip to Tokyo this time. Ayuko is an English Language teacher at the local university. She then became a trained professional cook specializing in Kaiseki (traditional Japanese multi-course meal). Ayuko’s cooking classes are held in a cosy room in a neighbourhood library, full of books on Japanese cuisine, culture and history. She takes pride as one of the very few culinary instructors who offers vegetarian courses in Japan!

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